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Flexible solutions that meet your needs

A student from Munich will be studying a semester abroad in France and books our economic sotrage solution for most of her belongings

Studies abroad for one semester at a university in Paris. Move to a furnished shared apartment.

Her requirements:

  • Temporary storage of all her furniture and valuable items for aproximately six months.
  • Return of the storage box to her shared flat in Munich at the end of the storage duration.

Our economic BoxConcept solution for her needs:

  • Our client chooses our affordable service mixed with personal contributions.
  • With the help of our volume calculator she calcucalted that she only requires one box. On the selected day the box is being delivered at her doorstep, the client loads the box herself and we transport it back to our warehouse.
  • During her stay abroad the box is stored in Munich-Straßlach: burglarproof and affordable.
  • Our flexible scheduling service allwos her to freely choose if she would like to have her box returned as scheduled or stay in France for a few more weeks of well deseved vacation - the storage can be prolongued for as long as she needs it.

A graet and easy way to discover the world! Bon Voyage!

Boxconcept provides an easy and affordable selfstorage solution to a student before beginning a semester abroad

For professional reasons, a manager is relocating abroad

A manager in Munich makes a career choice to relocate to Switzerland and selects our premium service package

  • A two year consultancy contract at a Zurich based firm
  • Uncertainty: After the end of the two year perioud - completely relocate to Switzerland or return to Munich


  • Move the most import furniture items and valuables from a larger flat in Municht to a small 1.5 room apartment in Zurich
  • Securely store all remaining furniture and belongings in Munich
  • Flexibile bookikng period with the opportunity to completely relocate everything to a new destination in Switzerland
  • Professional service requirements from a single provider

The full-service BoxConcept solution:

  • Due to a fully booked calendar, our client chooses our premium packaging service: 5 storage boxes are being delivered directly to his home address - our professional moving helpers take care of securely loading them.
  • We deliver two boxes to the new appartment in Zurich, the remaining 3 are are being securely stored in our video surveilled warehouse in Munich-Straßlach.
  • One of the stored boxes contains particualrly valuable furniture items and art pieces - our customer requests an additional insurance policy, extending our standard coverage.
  • Our flexible scheduling allows our customer to freely choose when he would like to have his items returned from storage and where they will be delivered to.

There is no better and way to start a new chapter in your professional development!

Law firm seeking additional storage space for files and office materials books our professional and easily accessible archiving service


  • Professional archiving of files and records
  • Burglarproof, dry and protected
  • At the end of the intended storage duratin, all files must be destroyed (according to German Bundesdatenschutzgesetz)

The BoxConcept solution:

  • According to our volume calculator the storage requirement equals 4 boxes
  • The customer chooses our premium packaging service: on the selected delivery day 4 boxes and additional packaging materials are being delivered. Our moving professionals are placing the files into file boxes and are loading them into the storage boxes.
  • The files are loaded according to their required storage durations: this way older files can be destroyed after a shorter time period. This approach reduces our client's storage costs to a minimum.
  • All files are stored in the BoxConcept facilities in Munich-Straßlack: burglarproof, and economic.
  • At the end of the intended storage duration all files are professionally destroyed (according to DIN 66399).

We provide efficient and simple solutions to increase your office space and improve productivity!

File and record archiving services for law firms

A couple in Munich is moving together and is seeking storage space as the new apartment is too small for their needs

A couple from Munich is moving together on short notice; While they keep looking for a larger and affordable apartment some of their furniture and valuables needs to be temporarily stored


  • Flexibility: Storage ist temporary and the duration unclear
  • Dry and secure

The BoxConcept solution:

  • According to our volume calculator each household requires one box. On the chosen delivery day, one after the other, both boxes are being delivered to both addresses.
  • The clients choose an economic solution based on personal contributions and load the boxes themselves.
  • For assembiling and disassembling the bedroom and livingroom closets, they order additional help from BoxConcept.
  • One of the apartments is located within the inner city and all parking spots in the area are usually taken: BoxConcept establishes a no-parking zone for this address.
  • As long as a new apartment hasn't been found yet, bulky items remain in selfstorage. In order to stay flexible, the storage contract has no end date.

BoxConcept provides custom storage solutioans that meet your personal needs!